No Difference between PAL or NTSC.
用戶名:Wesley Yip IP:119.247.165.* 来自: 时间:2010-01-29 21:36 咨询类型:售后咨询
maybe you should change the setting of your TV set

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Just bought it few days and test it with Spears & Munsil disc, when test with \"Source Adaptive Deinterlacing Clips, the racecar clip, the platform(梯形图案), yellow color always see the circle? How to adjust and solve? my Amp is Onkyo 705, TV is Philips 42pfl9532/98, is TV problem or setting problem?(more detail for your reference)
用戶名:Wesley Yip IP:202.64.244.* 来自: 时间:2010-01-28 18:38 咨询类型:售后咨询
Hi. Wesley,Could you please change the setting? the step is following:
Setup menu ==》视频设置 ==》电视机制式
Change "PAL" to "NTSC"

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When will be the SE version available in HK ???
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yes, it's available.the unit will be send to you after you order by email, the email address:

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請問DVD和Bluray 是全區嗎?軟件是什麼板本?
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官方客服回复于: 2010-01-22 12:11 回复(0)

Is the after-sales service to be provided in Hong Kong? If the player is found faulty, shall I return it to your Hong Kong office? If so, where is your office? Please advise. Thanks!
用戶名: IP:59.149.195.* 来自: 时间:2010-01-20 23:48 咨询类型:购买咨询
Actually, we will provide the after-service for HK user, don't worry about the after-sales service.

官方客服回复于: 2010-01-25 08:37 回复(0)

Is this DVD and blu ray all code version? Thanks~!
用戶名:wesley IP:202.64.244.* 来自: 时间:2010-01-20 16:41 咨询类型:商品使用咨询
DVD region code:the customers can find a firmware to change the region code(All), but the BD code is region A

官方客服回复于: 2010-01-22 12:14 回复(0)


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